2020/21 Peach Festival Hunts

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Georgia’s BEST Wild Hog Hunts – $250

(Dry Branch, GA )

Peach Festival-Georgia’s Best Wild Hog Hunts – $250 (Macon, GA)
Georgia’s Baiting laws have recently changed. We can now hunt Year Around over Bait for Hogs. Our Success rates are WAY UP as we have some of the BEST Swamp land in Georgia. We hunt on the South End of the Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge where there is Nothing But Hogs! $250 per person per day for a 24 hour Wild Hog hunting adventure. We are located so far out in the boondocks that the COVID 19 virus won’t have a clue how to find you.
HUNT REPORT: May 29, 2021
The Georgia Peach Crop is In! Right now, we are putting out thousands of pounds of rotten peaches and the hogs are going crazy over them. We call it our Peach Festival Hunt. It is our most Successful Hunt all year. We usually hunt in the evening when it is cooler.
Our “Peach Festival” Hog Hunts will begin each year with the Georgia Peach Season starting around May 15and ends with Labor Day as the peach crop begins to fade out. We begin to pick up thousands of pounds of rotten Georgia Peaches from the roadside fruit stands up and down the interstate in the Middle Georgia Area all Summer long. We put out the rotten peaches, in our hunting locations,  with a little corn, watermelons, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and any other fruit that we pickup. What happens next is Some of the BEST Hog Hunting of the year. You will not want to miss this time to hunt. $695.00 for 2.5 days with Lodging or just $250.00 for a 1 Day/Night Hunt with No Lodging. Coyote Hunts at NO EXTRA CHARGE! We will give you a Fawn Bleat call and show you how to use it. Our does are dropping Fawns RIGHT NOW and the coyotes are eating them as fast as they drop. They come running when they hear a fawn distress call. Help Us Shoot some of these Coyotes and SAVE our 2020 Fawn Crop! Our Georgia Guided Hog hunts are all inclusive, and include our comfortable 2 man stands and trophy fees, in our base price. If you want to see and experience Georgia’s BEST Guided Hog hunting adventure, Book a Hunt with us today. Special Rates $250.00 per day. Bow, Pistol or Rifle Hunts Available. We furnish stands.
Check us out on the web for more info and updated Trail Camera Pictures.$250 Per Person Per day
$695 for 2.5 days WITH Lodging! NOW BOOKING FOR FALL 2021-22 BEST Hog Wild USA Offering 2021/22 Deer and Hog Combo Hunts until January 9, 2022 for $300 a Day.
Come Harvest a Doe or a Buck and a Wild Boar here in Georgia. Call, Text or Email for more info on these hunts. 478.256.3448, hogguide@hogwildusa.com