September 17, 2021

Bachelor Party Hunting Trip to Georgia

Hog Wild USA

Big Red Russian Boar Hog Wild USA


Celebrate your one of a Kind Bachelor Party Hunting Trip to Georgia

A Party means lots of fun and excitement, especially when your bachelor party deserves to be special. If you choose to celebrate with your friends and make it a lifetime experience, then a Bachelor Party Hunting Trip to Georgia is a great option. We are conveniently located near Macon, Georgia, about an hour south of Atlanta.

Our Middle Georgia location adds excitement to your hunting experience. The magnificent swamps and the vast landscape are a natural habitat for wild hogs. You can hunt and camp together and make this experience worth remembering for you and your friends.

Why should you come to Hog Wild USA to celebrate your bachelor party?

We can give you more than one reason to come to Hog Wild USA to celebrate your bachelor party. Here are some of the most exciting reasons:

Great location- We are located near Macon, Georgia, in the middle of the State of Georgia. We are centrally located just an hour south of the Atlanta airport for our guests that may be flying in to hunt with us.

The natural habitat for wild hogs- Our Lands include over 1000 acres. It covers wetlands such as swamps in various parts of the hunting area. This serves as a natural habitat for wild hogs. Our hunters have often spotted wild hogs in groups of more than 10 (a sounder) in our swamps and wetlands.

Group hunting facility- We offer one of the best group Wild Hog Hunts in Georgia experiences. No matter what your group’s size is, we will ensure that all the group members can participate in the hunting experience.  From cooking a steak for dinner, the smell of a campfire, sitting around the fire telling stories, to going on one of the most exciting hunts that you have ever been on, Hog Wild USA is where you and your party want to be.

Night-time hunting experience- Hunting at night is exciting. The darkness adds thrill and excitement to this experience. We use green or red, weapon mounted LED lights that attach to your weapon that allow you to hunt in the dark and shoot up to 250 yards. Most of our shots are 75 yards (from a rest) or less from our stands to the bait piles. Of course, we have rental red or green LED lights if you need them or you are welcome to bring your own lights, thermals, or night vision scopes.

Guided Hunt- Our hunts are semi guided. That means you will have one of our local hunting guides assigned to you during your stay with Hog Wild, USA. Our guides are very experienced and know our hunting properties like the back of their hand. They have access to our state of the art game cameras. They feed and maintain our stands and know where these hogs are each day. Your guide will assist you in locating your kill and help all the members of your bachelor party group get their animals out of the woods to be cleaned and processed.

Hunting Gear- If you are traveling from a distant location, it might be impossible for you to bring all your hunting gear. We have rental gear available such as seat cushions, thermacells (keeps mosquitos off of you, Video for Thermacell ) rifles and ammunition, boots, cover scents, ( weapon mounted lights ( and just about anything else you might need on your hunting adventure with Hog Wild USA.

Assistance for beginners- Our hunting guides are knowledgeable to assist our inexperienced hunters. Read More about what to bring here


1 day Trips from $325 (1 Hog)

Our 3 Day Trips are only $1295 and include Lodging. (2 Hogs)

Call us today and book your next group hunt today. 

Hog Wild USA




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September 17, 2021