August 31, 2023

Hog Wild USA: Dive Deep into Georgia’s Rich Hunting Heritage

Hog Wild USA

Hog Wild USA isn’t just a hunting ground; it’s a living testament to Georgia’s deep-rooted hunting traditions. With over 27 years in the business, this premier hunting destination offers a unique blend of modern hunting techniques and age-old traditions. Let’s embark on a journey through time and explore Georgia’s rich hunting heritage, as Hog Wild USA epitomizes.

A Legacy Spanning Decades

Hog Wild USA has been the go-to destination for hunting enthusiasts for more than 27 years. But what’s the secret sauce? It’s their unwavering commitment to preserving the authentic hunting experience. While many hunting grounds have commercialized the sport, Hog Wild USA remains true to its roots, offering hunts that resonate with the heart and soul of true hunters. Their dedication to the craft and respect for the land has made them a beacon for those seeking genuine hunting adventures.

The Land of the Elusive Russian Wild Boar

Georgia’s diverse landscape, from its fields to its swamplands and upland territories, is home to the elusive Russian Wild Boar. These creatures, known for their cunning and agility, have made Hog Wild USA’s properties their home. Delving into the habits of these boars, one can’t help but be fascinated by their survival instincts, patterns, and uncanny ability to elude even the most experienced hunters. It’s a game of wit and strategy, making every hunt a thrilling experience.

Ocmulgee River Swamps: A Historical Hunting Ground

The Ocmulgee River swamps, part of Hog Wild USA’s vast land, have a history that dates back thousands of years. These swamps have been the hunting grounds of the Creek Indians, making them a significant part of Georgia’s hunting heritage. Every hunt here is not just a sport; it’s a walk through history, a nod to the hunters of the past. The whispers of ancient hunting calls, the footprints of hunters from bygone eras, and the legacy of traditional hunting techniques are all palpable in these swamps.

Modern Amenities Meet Traditional Hunting

While Hog Wild USA respects and upholds traditional hunting values, they haven’t avoided integrating modern amenities. From state-of-the-art hunting gear to comfortable lodges, they ensure that hunters have a seamless experience. Nighttime hunts with green lights, guided tours, and customizable hunting packages are just a few of the modern touches that make the hunting experience at Hog Wild USA unparalleled.


Hog Wild USA is more than just a hunting destination. It’s a celebration of Georgia’s rich hunting heritage, a blend of the old and the new. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a newbie looking for an authentic experience, Hog Wild USA promises a hunt that’s not just about the catch but about understanding and appreciating the deep-rooted traditions of the sport. It’s where history meets modernity, and tradition meets innovation.

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August 31, 2023


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