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Hog Hunt GA

Wild hog hunting here has been GREAT! Hog Wild USA has the largest Russian Boars that can be found in Georgia. Our guided hunts are the best hunts that you will ever encounter. Lots of hogs have been seen and taken on our swamp hunts in the last few weeks. Several exceptional boars have been taken by our guests.

We are the premier hog hunting outfitters in Georgia. We offer exciting night time hunts with green lights that do not spook the game (Legal in Georgia). Our night time hog hunting are incredibly successful, being that is when they’re on the move and feeding! We just added some more information Here: Night Time Hunting Scopes on night time rifle scopes

Our Hunts take place in our swamps, cleared upland fields, oak heads and our planted Fall food plots. We use nice, roomy and comfortable 2 man stands and specialize in father/son or father/daughter hunts. We feed these deer Apple Valley 28% high protein deer feed supplement all year long. Our hog hunt GA can’t beat. Come on and get on our schedule today for your next wild hog hunt adventure. 

What to expect

Your hunt will usually begin before daylight. If coming for a one-day hunt, we will usually meet at the local breakfast spot for a quick bite and to get acquainted. We have a rifle range set up nearby to get you on target when you arrive at camp. We will get you settled in and answer any questions you and your group might have to make sure you are all comfortable before embarking on your Hog Wild USA hunting experience. Our Guides are Very knowledgeable and can help you every step of the way. We will then depart to the swamp to begin your hunt. You will be seated in deer-type stands overlooking a feeding and bedding area.

Our Hunts begin in the back waters and swamps of the Ocmulgee River Basin. This River basin is home to huge whitetails. It is also home to scores of Wild Hogs, bobcats, coyotes, raccoons, possums, Wild Turkey and a number of other animals, some of which may be hunted every day of the year. Hunting these animals can be a great challenge. Our hunts take place on several different large land tracts and farms located close to the town of Macon, GA (80 miles south of Atlanta).

Hunting takes place during early morning and late afternoon/evening as well as night-time hours when these animals are most active. Methods of hunting wild hogs include spot and stalk, still hunting over corn feeders and baited roads and trails where the Hogs live and breed. We have hog depredation permits that allow us to legally hunt at night, with a 12 volt light and over baited feeders. This significantly increases your odds of seeing and getting a shot at these wary animals.

Coyotes and bobcats are common in our swamps. Method for hunting predators is using a mouth call or electronic caller to lure the animals into shooting range. Our hunters take many coyotes and (bobcats when in season) while simply still hunting for hogs. (Bobcats may only be taken with small game weapons (When In Season).

Check the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for more information on Georgia’s Game laws.

After dark, plan on staying out and hunting hogs and predators by way of spot-light in the swamps and fields around feeding and travel areas. These animals really tend to feed and at night and hunting them after night-fall can be great fun. After Dark is when the really BIG Georgia wild hogs come out to feed.

Our Email has changed

Our Email has been changed to tomhaskins@hogwildusa.com. We no longer have access to our bellsouth.net email addresses.

Please update this new email in your address book.

What to bring?

We do have loaner equipment (green lights) and rifles/shotguns/ammo available for your use while hunting with us.

For Hog hunting in Ga you'll need:

  • BACKPACK: While it doesn’t need to be waterproof, it always helps.  You can put all extra gear and items in your pack into Ziploc bags to keep them dry and safe.
  • A GOOD QUALITY FLASHLIGHT: I suggest a 2 or 3 cell Mag-lite or equivalent with FRESH Batteries. Also, one of the LED headlamps is nice to have as a backup and/or a primary light in addition to the Mag-lite. We will often be in the swamps for an hour or longer after it gets dark. I personally like the Ray-O-Vac LED Headlamp that has the red, blue and white spotlight lenses. The hogs cannot see the red headlamp when walking and stalking after dark. It allows enough light for you to see where you are going without alerting the pigs to our presence.
    • http://www.headhunterscents.com
    • This Item (#601 KILL KIT-$31.50 on Amazon) has a Bottle of Ghost Scent Neutralizer, a bottle of Humus Cover Scent, a bottle of Ghost Hair and Body Wash and a bottle of Ghost Clothes Wash plus a cool looking decal. His products are the best that we have ever used for helping to control human scent.
    •  SCENT NEUTRALIZER:  A Hog’s sense of smell is more than 10 times sensitive than a whitetail deer.  This is one of the most important items to have!!!
    • RUBBER BOOTS (KNEE-HIGH):  We will be mucking around in the swamps and along the riverbanks. If hunting during the summer months, a good quality pair of waterproof snake boots are recommended!!
  • RAIN GEAR:  You can’t control Mother Nature and staying dry while hunting will keep you warm and keep you from feeling miserable during your hunt.
  • GEORGIA HUNTING LICENSE: depending on what you are coming to hunt will depend on what license you should have.  Please consult the Georgia State website for requirements to remain compliant.  No big game license is needed unless you’re hunting whitetail deer.
  • BLAZE ORANGE HAT & VEST:  while only required during deer rifle season, they are always recommended for safety reasons.
  • CAMO GEAR:  pants, shirt, jacket, face-mask, extra dry socks and boots, rain gear.
  • HUNTING KNIFE:  Never go anywhere without one.  Can be used for a number of things.
  • SEAT CUSHION:  You’ll be sitting for hours so it’s important you are comfortable.
  • BINOCULARS: a good quality pair for spotting game is essential.
  • COMFORT ITEMS:  Any specialty items that will make your day better.  Drinks, snacks, camera, utility rope (20ft), hand towel, disposable surgical gloves in a Ziploc bag, along with whatever else makes your hunt more enjoyable.
  • A COOLER: Make sure it’s large enough to transport the meat from your hunt.
  • BUG SPRAY:  In warm weather hunting bugs could get annoying, so we recommend dirt scented “No Stinking Bugs”.  Use sparingly and only if absolutely necessary as the hogs could wind up “scenting you”.  Several layers of clothes and a head net can usually do the trick. A Thermacell Works Very Well too. Go Here for more info: Thermacell
  • NIGHTTIME HUNTING LIGHT:  Being a large number of the boars taken are from dusk and dark, a nighttime weapon mounted flashlight is recommended.  We can rent you one for $25 for the duration of your hunt, or we recommend investing into getting a good quality light with easy mount system.  If interested, click this link after booking your hunt.  www.nitehunterarchery.com
Keep in mind that the list above is not 100% complete. These are absolutely recommended in addition to what your normal hunting gear/items are. This is a guide. We are always happy to give advice or answer questions. Just visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form with any questions or concerns you may have.

what happens if i get a hog or deer ?

A full line, licensed red meat processor is located about 10 miles from where we hunt and can process your hog; this cost is approximately $135.00 for their services.I will gut, skin, quarter your hog for an additional $75.00 if you would prefer. This can be done immediately after your hunt and before you leave.Your trophy hog or deer can be caped and transported to one of Georgia’s best taxidermist.
We look forward to your hunt with us!

How Much Does it Cost?

Our Hunts are only $325.00 Per Day. If you do not at least SEE a Hog, you may come back at a later date for a Flat Fee of $175.00! Its called a CBH (Come Back Hunt).
We do have gift certificates available for purchase! Call Us at (478) 256-3448 for more details.

Georgia Whitetail Deer and Hog Combo Hunts:

September 14, 2024 – January 12, 2025 $375 Per Day
Now Booking Rifle Hunts for October 19, 2024 – January 12, 2025. Our Georgia Whitetail Deer and Wild Hog Combo Hunts are Available now at SPECIAL pricing!
Limited time offer. Come hunt Georgia’s largest Whitetail Deer and Wild Hogs together. We allow you to harvest one of each! $375.00 per Day or $1395.00 for a 2.5 Day Hunt that includes Lodging, Food, cleaning fees and all other charges. Just Bring your own rifle and Hunting License and come on!
Georgia Whitetail Deer and Wild Hog Combo Hunts

  • $1195.00 Skinny Package for a 2.5 Day Hunt (No Meals, No Animal Cleaning)
  • $1395.00 for a 2.5 Day Hunt! everything is Included for this Price!

*Modest lodging in Our remote Camp Now Available for $300  (Minimum Charge) Per night for up to 4 people, then $75.00 each after that.

(Can Accommodate Up to 12 People)
Corporate Rates & Large Group Rates Available-Call for More Info!


what about Hunting club opportunities?

***Hunting Club Opportunities for the 2024/25 Season. Only 1 Opening Left! Our lands are in Twiggs County, GA about 15 minutes east of Macon, GA. Several of our farms have Irrigated Crops, multiple food plots, Lodging, skinning rack and all amenities. Water, Power are available at our Farms.
These are ALL QDM Farms and have Mineral Sites and our 28% Protein Feeding Program in Place.
Our Club is limited to 3 Hunters only on over 1000 acres!
$4000 Per Membership-No Guests If you are interested, call now before the last one is gone!